Posted on August 25, 2017 in: General News

Some people have claimed that Jesus did not have a sense of humor because He is never shown laughing in the Bible. Actually, He told many jokes. They were puns, but these do not survive language translation. One of his best known “witticisms” is found in today's Gospel.

The Old Testament referred to a mysterious figure called "One like a Son of Man". This was a synonym for "humanappearing". He would bring help from God. Jesus asks His apostles about the current speculation on the figure's identity. The disciples give the most common guesses. Jesus then quizzes them why they haven't added His own person to the list. Only Simon Bar (son of) Jonah gets the point. He blurts out that Jesus must be the mystery man, the Messiah.

"Simon" means "pebble" in Hebrew. "Cephas" (or Peter) means "rock". Jesus makes a double pun. He says that the little pebble is going to be a big rock in His scheme of things! 

Father Richard Lonsdale

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