Peace and blessings too you! 

A special thank you to all who voted last weekend for members of our School Board. The School Board is an integral part of the governing of our school—this advisory board with their expertise and love for Catholic schools will assist the pastor and the principal in making sure that our young people are served well

It is important that our school continues to explore new and creative ways in the future for her viability. I thank all of you who, on a daily basis, seek to help in making St. Francis Xavier Grade School a place where our young people come to be challenged academically and formed according to gospel values.

I welcome our new Board Members: Dana Schonhoff, Crystie Ressel, and Andrew Lawson!

I am confident that their zeal and enthusiasm for our school will help us in our quest to make St. Francis Xavier Grade School a house of formation, and a place where our children will receive the best of Catholic education. I thank God for their willingness to serve. 

In all things, remember to be kind and gracious in what you say and do.

Fr. Patrick Ike

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