Lift Us Up In Prayer

Posted on April 21, 2017 in: General News

Please remember all those in our parish who are ill, homebound and in nursing homes. Jerome Rennier, Malcolm Sandvos, Emme Lankheit, Stuart Cawthorn, Mark Blanton, Joan Moss, Jon Burden, Andrew & Mickie Ormsby, Annabel Conners, Donald Cento, Beulah Leible, Karen Matthews, Rodney Abney, Marge Ferrenburg, Ralph Henneman, Father Glenn Eftink, Jack Jackovic, Jim Hux, Josh Stinnett, Wyatt Stinnett, Pat Fetsch, Rob Aldrich, and Gary Ryan. For all serving in the Armed Forces, for the protection of the unborn, for religious vocations, and our religious freedoms. 

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