He is alive! He is risen! He has conquered sin and death and has won victory for us! St. Gregory of Nyssa eloquently proclaimed in his Easter homily that “The reign of life has begun. The tyranny of death is ended. A new birth has taken place; a new life has come; a new order of existence has appeared; our very nature has been transformed. This birth is not brought about by human generation, by the will of man or the desire of the flesh, but by God who raised Jesus from the dead.”

Easter is a time when we awake from darkness into light – darkness dispelled by the Son of God who became our leader and in turn leading us into his light – the light of eternal salvation. Today we praise God among the peoples and chant his praises among the nations for his love reaches to the heavens and his faithfulness to the skies. 

Easter message challenges us to become heralds of the good news just as the women who went out to announce Christ’s resurrection to the disciples and to others, that we be alive with the message – be on fire for Christ! Christ is alive to the extent that we are Christ and manifest him to others. 

Through the resurrection, we have been made intimate participants in the glorious life of Christ because he is drawing us to himself by giving us eternal life. Having received a new life in Christ, you and I are challenged to become life for others by loving and caring for all peoples, living the best life you can live for God and remaining faithful at all times to God.

May Easter blessings be and remain with us all now and forever.

Amen Be at peace and remain blessed!

Fr. Patrick Ike Pastor

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