Posted on July 29, 2020 in: General News


A few weeks ago, someone visited our parish for Mass from out of town who was diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus later that week.  Since then, I have been informed that the "positive" result of the virus test was a FALSE reading.  At that time, the person simply had a scratchy throat as well as suffering from ongoing sinus/allergy troubles.  She had no other major symptoms related to the virus.  She evidently had a sinus infection.  Her medications were switched for this condition and two days later she was much better.  I just wanted to share this information with you and bring you "up to date" with what is going on.  We are grateful to God that she did NOT have the COVID-19 virus!  In short, the results of the test were evidently read incorrectly.  May God continue to grant all of you the gift of good health!    

     Father David 

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