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Beginning THIS Wednesday, July 1, we will begin incorporating more singing in our celebration of Mass due to some of the virus restrictions being lifted.  A simple bulletin will also be printed and available for you to pick up from the bulletin holders located on the wall next to the front doors of the church.  The distribution and reception of Holy Communion will be at its normal time.  Please be reminded that you may receive Holy Communion either in the hand OR on the tongue.  That choice is yours!  After receiving Holy Communion, please return to your seat for the conclusion of Mass (as usual).  Continue to place your offering envelope in the basket located at the back of the church.  We will begin having a lector at the Saturday evening/Sunday morning Masses.  The lector will NOT carry up the Book of the Gospels, but would simply be "pre-seated" in the lector's chair next to the ambo.  If you would like to help lector at the weekend Masses, please contact the Parish Office.  Thanks to all of you have made the effort to attend Mass!  We are taking the same precautionary measures to ensure your safety as are the stores, businesses, restaurants, parks and ballfields, and other venues.   While many parishioners are frequently visiting and patronizing these places of business and entertainment, they have not yet made their way back to the church for Mass!  Please let them know that we are taking the same precautionary measures for their safety and that the church IS a safe place to visit!  

Thanks and God Bless!

Father David    

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