Rock House

Posted on June 07, 2019 in: General News

As we plan for the future regarding finances and maintenance/upkeep of our parish buildings and facilities, we need to look at the feasibilty of maintaining the Rock House in front of the church. At this point, this buildling is mainly used for storage. During the school year, it is used on Tuesday afternoon for our PSR Classes. It is also used for weekly meetings by Al-Anon. The building is in need of some serious repairs. We continue to pay monthly utility bills (which sometimes are on the "high" side - we hopefully have resolved this issue) as well as paying insurance on it. The PSR Classes as well as Al-Anon could meet in the St. Joseph Meeting Room OR in the school basement. The question is this: Do we continue to invest a lot of money into this building which is rarely used OR do we demolish it and make better use of the space we have in other buildings? The money which continues to be paid out on the Rock House could be better spent on needed repairs on the rectory and our other parish facilities. Your input would be greatly appreciated. I will be discussing this issue with our parish council in the future. Thanks! Father David

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