Posted on August 09, 2018 in: General News

The Sacraments are a very important and necessary part of our spiritual lives as Catholics. At the same time, there are requirements and needed preparation in order to receive the Sacraments. Please note the following: To receive and celebrate a Sacrament in our parish, a person/family must be registered in our parish as well as attending Sunday Mass on a regular basis in our parish (the exception would be made for couples who live away from the parish yet desire to celebrate their marriage here); participate in and complete all required preparation classes/ sessions; and be living a life of faith in harmony with the Gospel. In order for a child to be baptized, the parents (if married) must be validly married in the Church (or at least working towards this); if a parent is single and requesting baptism of his/her child, he/she must be living a moral life and not cohabiting; be attending Mass each week; and attend a baptismal preparation class (if they haven't done so already). Regarding godparents, the preference of the Church is to have a godfather and a godmother who both must be practicing Catholics and, if married, be in a marriage recognized as valid by the Church. If only one godparent is chosen, he/she must fulfill the previously mentioned requirements. If the godparent is single, he/she must be living a life of faith in harmony with the Gospel and not be cohabiting. If the godparent(s) chosen are not members of our parish, they need to obtain a letter from their own pastor stating that they meet the necessary requirements to serve as a godparent. To receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion, and Confirmation, parents are responsible for bringing their child to Mass each week and making sure they attend the preparation classes. As with all of the Sacraments, there must be some degree of hope and certainty that the person will be raised in the faith and continue to live the faith after receiving a particular Sacrament.

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