Posted on November 22, 2017 in: General News

The Building Committee has discussed additional projects to beautify and enhance our parish church. It has been recommended that we purchase new sanctuary furnishings (altar, ambo, chairs, credence table, baptismal font) which would coordinate better with the style and architecture of the church. A company has also been contacted regarding the installation of stained glass windows (with the possibility of stained glass images being incorporated into the existing windows), as well as additional decorative painting behind the tabernacle/crucifix in the sanctuary. These projects have been "on the table" for several years. When we receive estimates for these improvements, we will share that information with you. If anyone would like to make a memorial donation towards this effort, it would be greatly appreciated. If needed, we may also use some of the funds from the Welter Estate to complete this project. The intention and purpose of this bequest is for parish improvements and other projects which would enhance our parish facilities.

Thanks and God Bless - Father David

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