Posted on December 01, 2016 09:30


Dear Friends in Christ,

Peace and blessings to you!  

Advent is in full swing and this week, we are challenged to “reform our lives: live in God’s peace so that justice may flourish.”

I pray that during this Advent season, we all apply the gospel message more concretely in our daily living so that our lives and our community may be transformed and thus become the saints we are called to be.

Some life lessons to put into practice this Advent:

- Establish a concrete and meaningful relationship with the person of Jesus - who is able to reveal himself to you and who you ought to be.

- A life of prayer is necessary in order to remain sane in this life - read the Bible daily - it will change your life.

- Go to Mass every week and as Bishop Rice said “Invite a friend to join you for Mass”.  We evangelize by living a good life and bearing good witness.

- Be joyful always - people are not attracted to negativity but to joyful people whose lives have been permeated by the gospel.

- Fall in love with Our Blessed Mother Mary by praying the rosary and asking her intercession on a daily basis.

- Go to confession every month -  sin darkens the human soul and makes you bitter and angry all the time. St. Augustine says “our souls are restless until they rest in you.”

- Seek out healthy and holy relationships - the people you surround yourself with can either lead you to God or away from him.

- Stay away from the grave sin of gossip for it destroys the image of God in you and scandalizes the faithful who look up to you especially your children, grand children, family members and people who look up to you. Gossip is a sign of deep seated issue and weakness. It has no place in the kingdom of God. BITE YOUR TONGUE!!!

- Let your words speak of the glory of God - remembering that you are an ambassador for Christ. YOU REPRESENT JESUS.

- You are on a stage and people are watching - let them see that Christ is alive in you.

- Stay away from complaining, find something good in people for you are beset with shortcomings and limitations.

- Be merciful to people for you are not perfect and God treats you with great kindness so extend God’s love to all.

- Change begins with you and not your neighbor - our world will be a better place if you are better.

- If you want people to be kind, start by being kind.

- Be careful when you judge for your sins becomes visible when you judge others.

- Be grateful, for gratitude is of God.

- Have a great sense of humor and laugh always for we all have our own issues.

- Know that you are a child of God.

- Be merciful just as your heavenly Father is merciful.

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