Posted on September 29, 2017 in: General News

When parishioners include the parish in their will or make bequests to the parish, the monies/funds are invested with the diocese in order to receive a higher and better financial return. In a sense, the diocese "oversees" the management of these funds for the benefit of the parish. When a financial gift is given to the parish, it is always available to the parish whenever it is requested (even though it is invested with the diocese). There are different ways of investing monetary gifts (e.g. endowment fund, trust fund,...). Please be assured that if you are considering leaving a bequest to the parish (and hopefully you will!!), your gift will be used in the way in which you designate it (please make your intentions known when preparing your will/ estate). Thanks to all those who give so generously to our parish and school and who help "secure" our future through the sharing of your God-given blessings! 

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