Posted on September 29, 2017 in: General News

Receiving the Body and Blood of Jesus in Holy Communion is the most important thing we do here on earth! The Holy Eucharist is the "Food of Eternal Life" and "Spiritual Medicine" for our souls. We should always receive the Most Holy Eucharist with great faith and reverence. The Church provides two options for receiving Holy Communion at Mass: (1) in the hand OR (2) on the tongue. Regardless of which option is chosen, a person receiving Holy Communion should first BOW (as an act of reverence and faith) and also respond "AMEN" (as an acclamation of faith). When receiving Holy Communion in the hand, both hands should be properly extended to form a "throne" in which to receive our Eucharistic Lord (with one hand resting in the palm of the other). Receiving Holy Communion in this fashion is described by St. Cyril of Jerusalem in the fourth century. If for some reason a person is not able to properly extend BOTH hands to "form a throne"", then Holy Communion should be received on the tongue. It is not proper to receive the Most Holy Eucharist with only one hand and then attempt to reverently consume the Host. It is also not appropriate or proper for a person to reach out and "take" the Host from the priest or Extraordinary Minister. Through our reverent and proper reception of our Lord in Holy Communion here on earth, may our love for Him be deepened and strengthened as we await our sharing in the Heavenly Banquet!

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