The Catholic Funeral Rites found in the Order of Christian Funerals (1989) are celebrations which enable the Christian community to mourn as well as to hope by focusing on the Mystery of the Death and Resurrection of Christ. These guidelines are offered to assist in effectively preparing the funeral rites with individuals and families.

Understanding Death: A Christian Perspective

Death and passing on to Eternal Life are mysteries at the center of the Church’s belief. Although American culture generally recoils from death and tries to deny it, “In the face of death, the Church confidently proclaims that God has created each person for Eternal Life and that Jesus, the Son of God, by His Death and Resurrection, has broken the chains of sin and death that bound humanity.” (Order of Christian Funerals, #1)

Celebration of the Church

Christian funerals are not private observances, but celebrations of the whole Body of Christ in which “Christians celebrate the funeral rites to offer worship, praise, and thanksgiving to God for the gift of life which has now been returned to God, the Author of life and the hope of the just.” (Order of Christian Funerals, #5) Therefore, these rites are celebrated with appropriate choices of music, readings, gestures, and decorations which are consistent with a Catholic understanding of death. “The celebration of the Christian funeral brings hope and consolation to the living. While proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and witnessing to Christian hope in the Resurrection, the funeral rites also recall to all who take part in them God’s mercy and judgment and meet the human need to turn always to God in times of crisis.” (Order of Christian Funerals, #7)

Scheduling a Funeral

We at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church express our condolences to you during this time of sorrow. Please know that you and your loved ones are in our prayers. There are options for the type of Funeral Liturgy chosen for your deceased loved ones. The Church does permit cremation, but there are stipulations to this form of burial. The Pastor can share with you what the stipulations are if cremation is chosen.

Please contact the Pastor at 573-471-2447 to plan and schedule a funeral.

"I am the resurrection and the life;
whoever believes in me,
even if he dies, will live."
--John 11:25