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Next weekend (October 21/22), we will be participating in World Mission Sunday. We are reminded that ALL Christians, because of their Baptism, are called to share in the missionary work of the Church. Your prayers and generosity for this effort are greatly appreciated as we support the work and ministry of those who bring the Good News of...


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The last section of today's Gospel doesn't seem to fit. It may have been a separate story, but the author of Matthew's Gospel sees it as a unit. The first section describes a king's disappointment at the response to an invitation. This probably refers to God's sadness at people's indifference to Jesus. Others ar...


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The family of Martin E. Pazdera would like to thank the parish for all the prayers, cards, and food that was sent. Thanks to the ladies of the Church for the food and to Father David for the beautiful Mass and words of comfort. We appreciate and will always remember your kindness.


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Jesus makes a chilling prophecy to the religious leaders of His day. God had entrusted them with the care of His people—”His vineyard.” He describes their ancestors’ brutal treatment of the prophets. False prophets had been hailed, but true speakers for God had been beaten and killed. Now God sends His divine Son. ...


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