Diocesan Capital Campaign

After dialogue, study, prayer and reflection Bishop Johnston announced a $15 million endowment campaign to augment existing endowments for preparing our future priests and priest retirement, and to establish a new endowment for youth formation.

Bishop Johnston made the decision to initiate the campaign for several compelling reasons.  These include:

  1. There are unavoidable, critical needs that would be met by a campaign;
  2. These needs are positive, hope-filled and future oriented;
  3. Timing: the campaign will be the first in our diocese’s history and will coincide with our 60th anniversary; and
  4. The Campaign will build on the positive momentum of our Mutually Shared Vision, leading to a more active engagement (spiritually and financially).

After Bishop Johnston was appointed as Bishop of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, the priests’ Committee reached consensus to proceed with the campaign because of the urgency of the needs.  They also thought this was an excellent opportunity to work together as a community of faith to meet the crucial needs of the diocese.

Our parish goal is $340 thousand dollars.

Thank you all for your kind and generous support of this blessed endeavor.